Inauguration ceremony of children’s park primary section – Jaffna central College 2014

Above occasion was chaired by the principal of the school. The Chief Gust Hon. Minister K. N. Douglas Devananda (Centralite) along with other distinguished Guests were taken in procession along with school band music from entrance to the park. Students, Teachers, old boys, well wishes, stakeholders and parents in great numbers graced above occasion.

The Hon. Minister inaugurated the above event by lighting the traditional lamp. National flag was hoisted by the Hon. Minister and school flag was hoisted by the principal. Then the Hon. Minister unveiled the name board of the park and declared it open by cutting the ribbon. Soon after, the spectator could witness the spectacular sight of the students of primary section playing around in the park enthusiastically and excitedly. Deputy principal of primary section, Mr. P. Piratheepan, secretary, old boys association, principal of the school, Mrs. Jogeshwary Patkunarajah, special gust and the chief guest.

The principal and Mr. Piratheepan during their addresses made request to set up “Mahindodaya Technical Faculty” for the school by not separating the primary section from the school as the aspiration of parents, stakeholders and centralites. Besides, they also made a request to rectifying the defects that have occurred in the swimming pool.
In response the Hon. Minister promised to take above issues into his consideration and to assist the school in its future and development utilization of resources.